Be mentally strong

Opinions, yes these matter alot in our life, in our society we only focus on things that are accepted by our society, by our people, by our groups. We always want acceptance from our people. We want their opinions and most of the times act according to those opinions.

What we do in our lives is always remembered by us but we always tend to do things for others and they sometimes respond in a good way and often we just think why did we do so?? Still we keep on doing things that are accepted by our people and society. Yes, it’s good to be a good listener and respect other’s opinions but in most of life decisions, just choose things yourself and let it be

You don’t have to ask everything from others. You are intelligent yourself just strengthen your decision power and make your life decisions by yourself. You are you man and you are best. No one is like you.

Once in life, I did take a decision in my life just coz someone said that, and that decision made me suffer alot. It is very likely worth it if you are going to make decisions on your self coz later you’re not going to regret or blame anyone. See every aspect, every situation and then reach to certain decision.

Everyone can make good opinions and decisions. No one is going to change your thoughts and decisions if you are strong. Be mentally strong and face the world and make your life on your own. You have your whole life in front of you, you have to live, you have to be you, you have to enjoy your every moment without being thoughtful about your past.

Your painful past moments can make you suffer alot if you keep on thinking about such things all the time. You must have to focus on solutions rather than problems. Just leave your past, you have your present, don’t spoil it because of your past, just think of your future. Just think what can make your past more successful and brighter and let you shine and smile.

There are two things in life that can make your life worth living. One is positivity in everything and other is gratitude, just stuck to both these things and you’ll definitely see positive change in your lives. Give yourself some quality time and know yourself. You are really something who someone else can’t be.

Power of words

I was thinking for a long time to write on this topic as we are using our words and keep on talking all day. We have conversations whole day with others, that might be our family member, our friend, our boss, our coworker, our colleague. But during our conversation with anyone of them we must be careful in our choice of words. As our words mean alot to someone and these are the most powerful tools that affect our personality.

Words can Heal, Hurt, Convince someone, Destroy someone. Our harsh words can cause someone to suffer alot. But our convincing words can help someone to heal himself and get out of worries and be a better person again and move forward in his life.

Words are like a therapy that help someone in his life and being able to be a successful person. If this therapy is used in worry a person can better cope up with his pain, if this therapy is used in happy moments a person can enjoy his day with more passion and joy.

Here the use of words reminds me a story, once there was a king who saw that his teeth was broken in his dream last night. He asked the denotation of the dream from one of paraphraser and he said to king that All your family members will die in front of you this made the king angry and he killed that paraphraser. Then another paraphraser was invited to come and told the denotation of this dream, he said, dear king the denotation of this dream is that you’ll have a long life among all your family members. King became very happy and rewarded him with gifts. Meaning of both these lines is same but the way of presentation of you words must be good that don’t make someone feel sad or angry.

When you are talking, your words are of much worth that they can affect the life of listener so, keep aware of what you are using, keep your thoughts positive keep your words positive. Your words must be storng, humble, intuitive, graceful, encouraging, entertaining, enthusiastic that let others to feel motivated and move forward rather then making them feel bad for their life and existence.

But the most important thing is that we should not only be the person of words we must follow what we are saying, rather than only giving speeches; we make decisions, promises, communicate, Convince, hurt, heal, motivate, lower or higher self-esteem, let others feel good or bad by using our words; and most importantly these words show us personality, background and the training of person whom we are talking.

We must use our words with great care and let others feel good about them rather than criticizing them and disturbing them with our words.

When I started believing myself

It was a time when many things went opposite n unusual and I just wanted to end all that shit, closing me in a room with lights off n thinking about time and relating past, present and future. And that darkness of the room started creating a negative impact on my thoughts and I used to be very optimistic, no goals in life, just going on with my studies without any passion. I didn’t believe myself, had no ideas about the real me, just took other’s opinions n words and moved on. I had many friends who were really beautiful inside out and I believed on them and I used to believe on their capabilities their qualities their attitudes everything was worth seeing to me as I always thought I had nothing like them. I used to observe them ignored all bad things about them and did find their abilities.

Days passed with all these thoughts n feelings. After some time, someone asked me to participate in a debate competition, but as I discussed earlier I had no aim or passion. But I participated, my friends motivated me to do so my teachers asked me, so I just brought my self esteem from the lil corner where it was stuck somewhere. I prepared a debate n got a position. That moment, when i breath, when i just closed my eyes, a colorful path i saw with self belief and alot of courage with much hard work. I went to a place where only I was present with my empty soul with alot to think. I just wanted to seek myself after that. I wanted to believe me, I wanted to achieve something, only thing i was seeking in the empty room was myself. After that I started doing thing that I never did before, thing on which I always said I can’t do this.

I started doing everything by saying its okay girl, u can do it, be confident n do it.

And yes, I did everything that I never did before. With time being I realized there are various things I can do, there are various task that only I can perform, I have ability, I have guts.

Just remove the word I can’t from your lives and just do it, you’ll see who worth saying is this sentence that I can do it n I will do it, whatever it takes, it takes only hardwork n courage.

Just give yourself time n love, think about you, your life. Just have believe on yourself. And I’m pretty sure you can achieve much better in life.

I just wanted to know myself, but I end up knowing many things about me that I didn’t have any idea before, now i can express my feelings and experiences in words, can write. I can make sketches. I’m good at cooking.I’m good in managing. I’m a psychotherapist. I can take anyone to better n positive side of life. I can motivate someone to better future.

If I can do, you can do, everyone can do, nothing is impossible. Just be confident, increase your seld esteem, believe yourself you are really important with all your abilities, you are you, nobody is you n this is your biggest quality n superpower.

Let live your life n set your aims, try to figure out your talents, respect yourself n don’t let anyone make you feel useless n dumb.

So what are we doing??

I just wanted to discuss an important topic with you people. There are somethings in our people, in our youth and society. Often these things let me wonders what will be our future.

▪️We often make memes and laugh at them and relate them to our own self but these things are disgusting sometimes. This is not about making someone feel bad or criticizing them.

1- We feel proud on saying “MY LIFE MY RULES”. Yes u can live your life with this sentence but you have to take care of others also. If there is some other person then he is also your responsibility and try to accept n complete your duties towards them. Sometimes you have to left yourself behind for others for their happiness for other people who really care. You can leave this nature of my life my rules for sometime for better relationships for better society.

2- We feel proud on doing something wrong. We feel proud on insulting someone who shouldn’t be insulted by us. Like when we talk about teachers, we make fun of those who respect them and obey them. Most commonly used term now a days is “back benchers”. What do u want to prove? Why you can’t respect your teachers who are the foundations for your better future and u people keep on criticizing them and doing everything opposite to them. Its all not just fun u people are insulting your nation your society your teachers and most importantly yourself.

3- We are very far from our blood relations. Life is so short, none 0f us know till when he is alive. Live that life happily with your family with ur people. We feel good on avoiding them, behaving badly, blocking them on social sites, okay let them judge you let them criticize you their criticism their judgments will take you to more higher position by your hardwork. Just prove yourself and behave in a good way. Be always good to them it is their right to be respected and one day they will also respect you. Be humble.

4- Try to accept the arguments. Be strong to have power to accept your faults. Don’t argue by just listening to one side. “BE HUMBLE YOU COULD BE WRONG”. Try to listen to opposite side and accept if you are wrong.

5- We feel proud on waking up late in the mornings. We feel more proud on being more late. You people have to understand its against your mental and physical health. Be kind to yourself and give your life a proper routine. Its not something to be proud of.

Without taking anything personally, just think about it and you will definitely come to know what is right for us and our future. Just be future oriented and live your present.

We have to take care of ourselves, our health, our relations, our society, and let others take care of this too.

Let your nation feel proud of you. Set your goals and achieve something better in life 🙂

Friendship and evil eye

They were very happy with life and then journey of life begin with its ups and down and ruined there happiness and love

All four were in their 9th standard and were very happy with their life and used to enjoy and live every moment of life. They used to live every second of life and it was most appreciable thing about them, very least amount of people in this world live their life.

They were hashir, Alex, Ayesha and Ahmed. They had very strong bond of friendship. Their friendship was famous in whole school. Everyone used them as a good example of friendship. But their was also “evil eye” of someone who didn’t wanted them together. I just believed in EVIL EYE after going through their life.

Yes, friendship is the most important thing in life. We have great trust on our friends even more than our family and sometimes our own self. We have relation of heart with them. We always share on insecurities, our personal life, our qualities with them. We help them and are available every time for them either day or night. We have gossips with them and those gossips and time means life to us.

All four spent time together in school and after school. Prepared tests together, shared problems with each other, they did everything that best friends do for each other. 9th standard passed with such good memories and grades.

It was their 10th standard when Hashir felt he has feelings for Ayesha. As they were good friends and Hashir was completely comfortable in telling his feelings. Ayesha didn’t expect this from him and she didn’t have any feelings towards him. She refused but there was a small distance that stuck in their friendship. Both of them didn’t tell Ahmed and Alex but they knew everything from their behavior. Not only these four but an evil eye was their too who came to know this and used this as a tool to separate these friends.

That evil eye used to meet Hashir every evening in the park. It was a park where Hashir goes every day. That day she meet Hashir and they had their toes towards friendship. She used to tell him about her and Hashir also felt good with her because he felt they were friends and she(evil eye) is his soul mate and understands him well. With the passage of time, their time limit increased Hashir started spending time with her in school and after school hours. Then all started like they had gossips, late night chats, meetings in the evening that sometimes end in the morning. That all was very joyful moments and amazing feeling for him. He was completely cut off with his friends who meant life to him. Other three friends were upset because of him they were usually together but mentally they were not with each other as Hashir was not with them.

That EVIL EYE proposed Hashir and he also accepted that as it was also a good chance for him to make ayesha jealous. Hashir and evil eye were coming close day by day that was unbearable for all three friends. One day Alex decided to go to a peaceful place and talk about their friendship and future of this friendship. Everyone was on time and Ahmed started first the matter of ayesha and hashir and then of that evil eye and asked him to leave all this and continue their friendship as it was before but Hashir was completely hypnotized by evil eye and he can’t think and see anything behind her.

In 12th standard hashir was not with them even on their birthdays and special occasions. Other three continued their friendship. They were not in hashir’s life but hashir was everywhere in their life. Now who was that EVIL EYE?

She was none other than ALEX. Yes their good friend. Ahmed came to know this when he saw them during a gossip and came to know about their relationship. Their bond was completely destroyed and everyone don’t wanted to see each other’s face. Ayesha and Ahmed had little contact with each other but differences came in their friendship too.

Alex was never sincere to anyone either it was friendship or love. Alex accepted the proposal of another boy and ditched Hashir. It was difficult of hashir to bear as he had left behind all his relationships. Ayesha and Ahmed was broken in all this game. Ayesha completely separated herself was depressed and became melancholic as their friendship was everything to her. Ahmed moved on in his life with no friends in his life but Ayesha. Alex didn’t contact anyone of them. Hashir also recovered after sometime.

It was time for Ayesha to move on or she’ll always be in the past. She was strong girl but she lost her power to bear this all. A year was passed but Ayesha had no improvement. Then she decided, either she was made to be in darkness in this room and destroy her life and carrier and those who did bad to her were completely free in their life and are enjoying every moment of their life. She motivated herself to start her life again with a new courage. But again she lost her all hope to move forward when she thinks of past.

Problems come in life, we fall we rise we again fall but we have to rise again with a new charm, people leave us, betray us, but life doesn’t stop. Life goes on we have to move with life to be known. Ayesha decided to move on and be a normal person. “She visited many psychologists and psychiatrists because she wanted improvement but nothing can be done without inner motivation ” ahmed always motivated her by saying this.

She can’t be a normal person without facing fear so she decided to go out and started socializing, her inner motivation helped her to start her life again. She is a good business women now and was also awarded as one of the best business women. She only had firm belief in herself that led her to a good life. But she had to leave all those fake relationships.

No one is always going to be there with us every where. No one will always be on our side. Everyone leaves. Only we are left alone with our own self. Always respect yourself, love yourself and be kind to yourself. Not let any one else to live those years in depression like ayesha.

Trust Allah as he had planned best for you. Believe yourself, be confident and step forward with positivity👍 best of luck in your lives 😊

What is CHANGE?

CHANGE I think is really weird word. Both of its aspects good and bad can completely change our lives. We can be in darkness and one day become a great leader because of this change or we might go into more darker shade of our life. Most amazing thing about “change” is that it decides where should we go in future. But here the question is ‘What is this CHANGE??’

Here I want to mention most commonly used line by people “oh! Okay I’m good as I am.” let me first correct this line. No, change should be present in everyone’s life at some point. Staying same can make the life dull and dark, we become stuck at one place at one point in our lives, we can’t think beyond that point or limit. Change in ourself can brings huge change in our identity and we can become a better person. Only if that change is POSITIVE.

There are various types of Change like we talk about change in society, change in beliefs, change in thoughts, change in country, change in people, change in lives. All these changes are really very important to live a good life but how can we CHANGE and what we have to CHANGE?? We usually never talk about change in our own self. Change in our own self is only the important thing for all those above mention changes. The only one step, only one decision, only one vision, only one thought can change our whole life. That change is sometimes worth it but sometimes it can destroy lives of many people.

We want change in our family, our friends, our partner but we never think of our personal change and that is the only thing we should think about and positively act upon it. We should change ourself to save ourself, our relations, our personalities and then see how life goes on. And most amazingly you’ll be able to find people who want to be most important part of your lives.

Positive and negative changes of our lives can lead us to the limit of our thinking. We have to improve our thinking for our betterment, for improvement of our society and people. We always tend to focus on inner change but we never do it, we always become a good speaker and give speeches on change to others but our that harsh words and teachings can make someone else anxious and we may degrade them.

But we shouldn’t behave like a cry baby and discourage ourself. We human beings always learn from experiences, and let not those experiences stop ourself to move forward. Change yourself in positive manner from your personal life experiences, just get your motivation, set your goals and chase it. Best of luck with your new positively changed personality 👍

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