What is CHANGE?

CHANGE I think is really weird word. Both of its aspects good and bad can completely change our lives. We can be in darkness and one day become a great leader because of this change or we might go into more darker shade of our life. Most amazing thing about “change” is that it decides where should we go in future. But here the question is ‘What is this CHANGE??’

Here I want to mention most commonly used line by people “oh! Okay I’m good as I am.” let me first correct this line. No, change should be present in everyone’s life at some point. Staying same can make the life dull and dark, we become stuck at one place at one point in our lives, we can’t think beyond that point or limit. Change in ourself can brings huge change in our identity and we can become a better person. Only if that change is POSITIVE.

There are various types of Change like we talk about change in society, change in beliefs, change in thoughts, change in country, change in people, change in lives. All these changes are really very important to live a good life but how can we CHANGE and what we have to CHANGE?? We usually never talk about change in our own self. Change in our own self is only the important thing for all those above mention changes. The only one step, only one decision, only one vision, only one thought can change our whole life. That change is sometimes worth it but sometimes it can destroy lives of many people.

We want change in our family, our friends, our partner but we never think of our personal change and that is the only thing we should think about and positively act upon it. We should change ourself to save ourself, our relations, our personalities and then see how life goes on. And most amazingly you’ll be able to find people who want to be most important part of your lives.

Positive and negative changes of our lives can lead us to the limit of our thinking. We have to improve our thinking for our betterment, for improvement of our society and people. We always tend to focus on inner change but we never do it, we always become a good speaker and give speeches on change to others but our that harsh words and teachings can make someone else anxious and we may degrade them.

But we shouldn’t behave like a cry baby and discourage ourself. We human beings always learn from experiences, and let not those experiences stop ourself to move forward. Change yourself in positive manner from your personal life experiences, just get your motivation, set your goals and chase it. Best of luck with your new positively changed personality 👍

Published by Angel says

yes, I'm a psychotherapist and can write the words that can inspire you and help u grow well

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