Friendship and evil eye

They were very happy with life and then journey of life begin with its ups and down and ruined there happiness and love

All four were in their 9th standard and were very happy with their life and used to enjoy and live every moment of life. They used to live every second of life and it was most appreciable thing about them, very least amount of people in this world live their life.

They were hashir, Alex, Ayesha and Ahmed. They had very strong bond of friendship. Their friendship was famous in whole school. Everyone used them as a good example of friendship. But their was also “evil eye” of someone who didn’t wanted them together. I just believed in EVIL EYE after going through their life.

Yes, friendship is the most important thing in life. We have great trust on our friends even more than our family and sometimes our own self. We have relation of heart with them. We always share on insecurities, our personal life, our qualities with them. We help them and are available every time for them either day or night. We have gossips with them and those gossips and time means life to us.

All four spent time together in school and after school. Prepared tests together, shared problems with each other, they did everything that best friends do for each other. 9th standard passed with such good memories and grades.

It was their 10th standard when Hashir felt he has feelings for Ayesha. As they were good friends and Hashir was completely comfortable in telling his feelings. Ayesha didn’t expect this from him and she didn’t have any feelings towards him. She refused but there was a small distance that stuck in their friendship. Both of them didn’t tell Ahmed and Alex but they knew everything from their behavior. Not only these four but an evil eye was their too who came to know this and used this as a tool to separate these friends.

That evil eye used to meet Hashir every evening in the park. It was a park where Hashir goes every day. That day she meet Hashir and they had their toes towards friendship. She used to tell him about her and Hashir also felt good with her because he felt they were friends and she(evil eye) is his soul mate and understands him well. With the passage of time, their time limit increased Hashir started spending time with her in school and after school hours. Then all started like they had gossips, late night chats, meetings in the evening that sometimes end in the morning. That all was very joyful moments and amazing feeling for him. He was completely cut off with his friends who meant life to him. Other three friends were upset because of him they were usually together but mentally they were not with each other as Hashir was not with them.

That EVIL EYE proposed Hashir and he also accepted that as it was also a good chance for him to make ayesha jealous. Hashir and evil eye were coming close day by day that was unbearable for all three friends. One day Alex decided to go to a peaceful place and talk about their friendship and future of this friendship. Everyone was on time and Ahmed started first the matter of ayesha and hashir and then of that evil eye and asked him to leave all this and continue their friendship as it was before but Hashir was completely hypnotized by evil eye and he can’t think and see anything behind her.

In 12th standard hashir was not with them even on their birthdays and special occasions. Other three continued their friendship. They were not in hashir’s life but hashir was everywhere in their life. Now who was that EVIL EYE?

She was none other than ALEX. Yes their good friend. Ahmed came to know this when he saw them during a gossip and came to know about their relationship. Their bond was completely destroyed and everyone don’t wanted to see each other’s face. Ayesha and Ahmed had little contact with each other but differences came in their friendship too.

Alex was never sincere to anyone either it was friendship or love. Alex accepted the proposal of another boy and ditched Hashir. It was difficult of hashir to bear as he had left behind all his relationships. Ayesha and Ahmed was broken in all this game. Ayesha completely separated herself was depressed and became melancholic as their friendship was everything to her. Ahmed moved on in his life with no friends in his life but Ayesha. Alex didn’t contact anyone of them. Hashir also recovered after sometime.

It was time for Ayesha to move on or she’ll always be in the past. She was strong girl but she lost her power to bear this all. A year was passed but Ayesha had no improvement. Then she decided, either she was made to be in darkness in this room and destroy her life and carrier and those who did bad to her were completely free in their life and are enjoying every moment of their life. She motivated herself to start her life again with a new courage. But again she lost her all hope to move forward when she thinks of past.

Problems come in life, we fall we rise we again fall but we have to rise again with a new charm, people leave us, betray us, but life doesn’t stop. Life goes on we have to move with life to be known. Ayesha decided to move on and be a normal person. “She visited many psychologists and psychiatrists because she wanted improvement but nothing can be done without inner motivation ” ahmed always motivated her by saying this.

She can’t be a normal person without facing fear so she decided to go out and started socializing, her inner motivation helped her to start her life again. She is a good business women now and was also awarded as one of the best business women. She only had firm belief in herself that led her to a good life. But she had to leave all those fake relationships.

No one is always going to be there with us every where. No one will always be on our side. Everyone leaves. Only we are left alone with our own self. Always respect yourself, love yourself and be kind to yourself. Not let any one else to live those years in depression like ayesha.

Trust Allah as he had planned best for you. Believe yourself, be confident and step forward with positivity👍 best of luck in your lives 😊

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