So what are we doing??

I just wanted to discuss an important topic with you people. There are somethings in our people, in our youth and society. Often these things let me wonders what will be our future.

▪️We often make memes and laugh at them and relate them to our own self but these things are disgusting sometimes. This is not about making someone feel bad or criticizing them.

1- We feel proud on saying “MY LIFE MY RULES”. Yes u can live your life with this sentence but you have to take care of others also. If there is some other person then he is also your responsibility and try to accept n complete your duties towards them. Sometimes you have to left yourself behind for others for their happiness for other people who really care. You can leave this nature of my life my rules for sometime for better relationships for better society.

2- We feel proud on doing something wrong. We feel proud on insulting someone who shouldn’t be insulted by us. Like when we talk about teachers, we make fun of those who respect them and obey them. Most commonly used term now a days is “back benchers”. What do u want to prove? Why you can’t respect your teachers who are the foundations for your better future and u people keep on criticizing them and doing everything opposite to them. Its all not just fun u people are insulting your nation your society your teachers and most importantly yourself.

3- We are very far from our blood relations. Life is so short, none 0f us know till when he is alive. Live that life happily with your family with ur people. We feel good on avoiding them, behaving badly, blocking them on social sites, okay let them judge you let them criticize you their criticism their judgments will take you to more higher position by your hardwork. Just prove yourself and behave in a good way. Be always good to them it is their right to be respected and one day they will also respect you. Be humble.

4- Try to accept the arguments. Be strong to have power to accept your faults. Don’t argue by just listening to one side. “BE HUMBLE YOU COULD BE WRONG”. Try to listen to opposite side and accept if you are wrong.

5- We feel proud on waking up late in the mornings. We feel more proud on being more late. You people have to understand its against your mental and physical health. Be kind to yourself and give your life a proper routine. Its not something to be proud of.

Without taking anything personally, just think about it and you will definitely come to know what is right for us and our future. Just be future oriented and live your present.

We have to take care of ourselves, our health, our relations, our society, and let others take care of this too.

Let your nation feel proud of you. Set your goals and achieve something better in life 🙂

Published by Angel says

yes, I'm a psychotherapist and can write the words that can inspire you and help u grow well

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