When I started believing myself

It was a time when many things went opposite n unusual and I just wanted to end all that shit, closing me in a room with lights off n thinking about time and relating past, present and future. And that darkness of the room started creating a negative impact on my thoughts and I used to be very optimistic, no goals in life, just going on with my studies without any passion. I didn’t believe myself, had no ideas about the real me, just took other’s opinions n words and moved on. I had many friends who were really beautiful inside out and I believed on them and I used to believe on their capabilities their qualities their attitudes everything was worth seeing to me as I always thought I had nothing like them. I used to observe them ignored all bad things about them and did find their abilities.

Days passed with all these thoughts n feelings. After some time, someone asked me to participate in a debate competition, but as I discussed earlier I had no aim or passion. But I participated, my friends motivated me to do so my teachers asked me, so I just brought my self esteem from the lil corner where it was stuck somewhere. I prepared a debate n got a position. That moment, when i breath, when i just closed my eyes, a colorful path i saw with self belief and alot of courage with much hard work. I went to a place where only I was present with my empty soul with alot to think. I just wanted to seek myself after that. I wanted to believe me, I wanted to achieve something, only thing i was seeking in the empty room was myself. After that I started doing thing that I never did before, thing on which I always said I can’t do this.

I started doing everything by saying its okay girl, u can do it, be confident n do it.

And yes, I did everything that I never did before. With time being I realized there are various things I can do, there are various task that only I can perform, I have ability, I have guts.

Just remove the word I can’t from your lives and just do it, you’ll see who worth saying is this sentence that I can do it n I will do it, whatever it takes, it takes only hardwork n courage.

Just give yourself time n love, think about you, your life. Just have believe on yourself. And I’m pretty sure you can achieve much better in life.

I just wanted to know myself, but I end up knowing many things about me that I didn’t have any idea before, now i can express my feelings and experiences in words, can write. I can make sketches. I’m good at cooking.I’m good in managing. I’m a psychotherapist. I can take anyone to better n positive side of life. I can motivate someone to better future.

If I can do, you can do, everyone can do, nothing is impossible. Just be confident, increase your seld esteem, believe yourself you are really important with all your abilities, you are you, nobody is you n this is your biggest quality n superpower.

Let live your life n set your aims, try to figure out your talents, respect yourself n don’t let anyone make you feel useless n dumb.

Published by Angel says

yes, I'm a psychotherapist and can write the words that can inspire you and help u grow well

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