Power of words

I was thinking for a long time to write on this topic as we are using our words and keep on talking all day. We have conversations whole day with others, that might be our family member, our friend, our boss, our coworker, our colleague. But during our conversation with anyone of them we must be careful in our choice of words. As our words mean alot to someone and these are the most powerful tools that affect our personality.

Words can Heal, Hurt, Convince someone, Destroy someone. Our harsh words can cause someone to suffer alot. But our convincing words can help someone to heal himself and get out of worries and be a better person again and move forward in his life.

Words are like a therapy that help someone in his life and being able to be a successful person. If this therapy is used in worry a person can better cope up with his pain, if this therapy is used in happy moments a person can enjoy his day with more passion and joy.

Here the use of words reminds me a story, once there was a king who saw that his teeth was broken in his dream last night. He asked the denotation of the dream from one of paraphraser and he said to king that All your family members will die in front of you this made the king angry and he killed that paraphraser. Then another paraphraser was invited to come and told the denotation of this dream, he said, dear king the denotation of this dream is that you’ll have a long life among all your family members. King became very happy and rewarded him with gifts. Meaning of both these lines is same but the way of presentation of you words must be good that don’t make someone feel sad or angry.

When you are talking, your words are of much worth that they can affect the life of listener so, keep aware of what you are using, keep your thoughts positive keep your words positive. Your words must be storng, humble, intuitive, graceful, encouraging, entertaining, enthusiastic that let others to feel motivated and move forward rather then making them feel bad for their life and existence.

But the most important thing is that we should not only be the person of words we must follow what we are saying, rather than only giving speeches; we make decisions, promises, communicate, Convince, hurt, heal, motivate, lower or higher self-esteem, let others feel good or bad by using our words; and most importantly these words show us personality, background and the training of person whom we are talking.

We must use our words with great care and let others feel good about them rather than criticizing them and disturbing them with our words.

Published by Angel says

yes, I'm a psychotherapist and can write the words that can inspire you and help u grow well

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