Be mentally strong

Opinions, yes these matter alot in our life, in our society we only focus on things that are accepted by our society, by our people, by our groups. We always want acceptance from our people. We want their opinions and most of the times act according to those opinions.

What we do in our lives is always remembered by us but we always tend to do things for others and they sometimes respond in a good way and often we just think why did we do so?? Still we keep on doing things that are accepted by our people and society. Yes, it’s good to be a good listener and respect other’s opinions but in most of life decisions, just choose things yourself and let it be

You don’t have to ask everything from others. You are intelligent yourself just strengthen your decision power and make your life decisions by yourself. You are you man and you are best. No one is like you.

Once in life, I did take a decision in my life just coz someone said that, and that decision made me suffer alot. It is very likely worth it if you are going to make decisions on your self coz later you’re not going to regret or blame anyone. See every aspect, every situation and then reach to certain decision.

Everyone can make good opinions and decisions. No one is going to change your thoughts and decisions if you are strong. Be mentally strong and face the world and make your life on your own. You have your whole life in front of you, you have to live, you have to be you, you have to enjoy your every moment without being thoughtful about your past.

Your painful past moments can make you suffer alot if you keep on thinking about such things all the time. You must have to focus on solutions rather than problems. Just leave your past, you have your present, don’t spoil it because of your past, just think of your future. Just think what can make your past more successful and brighter and let you shine and smile.

There are two things in life that can make your life worth living. One is positivity in everything and other is gratitude, just stuck to both these things and you’ll definitely see positive change in your lives. Give yourself some quality time and know yourself. You are really something who someone else can’t be.

Published by Angel says

yes, I'm a psychotherapist and can write the words that can inspire you and help u grow well

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